Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What an exciting weekend. I taught an energized warp class at J Wray & Co's Little Yarn Barn. We used over-twisted singles in alpaca, wool, cotton and silk to create sample scarves. The picture shows one of the scarves in a soapy bath. You can see the warp and weft starting to move. There are more shots of the class on my website:

I enjoyed working with this technique. The only problem is keeping the warp under tension while putting it on the loom. We used short warps for the class, I think that this made it easier to thread the loom. Also using the kite stick method of winding the warp off of the warp board helped keep everything under tension.

I had several enlightening moments of clarity after we finished workshop. Types of fiber to use and set of the warp to create the energized movement in the work made for unlimited choices. I think I will try these scarves again with a wider set and some synthetic fibers. Also maybe some copper wire... hmmmmmm.