Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer in Southwest Missouri

Well here I am in the airport in Chicago! Can you tell that it is a hot afternoon and I have all the technology plugged in! Checking e-mail answering the phone and waiting, not to patiently for a plane.

I have just returned from TNNA in Columbus, Ohio. I took five classes in four days and checked out all the new yarns and gadgets available for the fall.

Simply Shetland is carrying Opel sock yarn and what great new colors are coming later this year. Our first shipment arrived yesterday(J. Wray & Co.); cotton/wool/nylon blend in some great colors; wool/nylon blend also in great color combinations. I started a pair of socks last evening in a gold, brown and green color way. I am using number 2.5 mm needles from Lantern Moon, they are so smooth and feel just great in the hand.

There are many great colors coming from Simply Shetland this year, a new silk and Shetland blind that comes in soft muted colors and drapes just beautifully. We will see this in the fall as well. We will have it at J. Wray & Co. as soon as it is shipped.

I am currently working on the rectangle loom (Hillcreek Fiber Studios) to create a new jacket design. What a great tool for plain weave fabric. The yarn is a hand spun silk and wool blend is shades of green and blue. I am designing as I go, so it will be a surprise when i finish!